June 2007

I am about to launch a Costa Rica based web development company. Sign up on my forum and you will get email notified when the site launches. You can also contact me thru the site and get a quote on whatever project you need to get work on.

Pura Vida!

Mike Dammann


I have set up 3 new blogs, the Real estate blog, a Costa Rica Blog and a Costa Rica Real Estate Blog.

Here are the main sites:

Property Hogs Real Estate portal
This site has a blog, a forum and a free real estate directory. Feel free to join and pass it on to whoever is in the real estate industry, as a real estate professional, webmaster or who services related industries such as mortgages and home loans.

Costa Rica Unplugged
A website with information about Costa Rica. Has a forum and a blog and links to all the important websites about Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Constructor
Not just about construction and building, but real estate in general and an apartment rental guide.