Why exactly I’m back to posting on this url of mine, I have no idea. I’m currently a part of the great Third Square Webmaster Blog, the Blog Party Network Blog, have finished setting up the Search Engine Blog Network and still have a ton of old blogspot blogs which can be found in my profiles here, here , here and not to forget my V7ndotcom Elursrebmem seo contest blog. The reason why I like this one, is that it’s about me. I don’t need to be bound to a specific topic. I can write about whatever interests me, whether it’s about search engines, marriage, some new service, or a personal opinion about something that I like to share. This blog is about me. A free wordpress subdomain, but so be it. I should have it as a part of my Mike Dammann site, but am afraid to lose my motivation to write should I set it up. I also would like to be able to rank for the keyword Mike and maybe having a subdomain on an authority domain will help do this for me. Anyways, stay tuned for a lot more exciting stuff on Blog Party, a lot more posts from me and some projects involving domain names such as BlogCoders.com and BusinessBlogs.Org. I’m also still offering my Custom WordPress Design services as well as Multimedia Presentation and Design. Feel free to contact me thru the last link and/or leave a comment on this blog. Maybe we can all inspire one another. And if you see something useful or entertaining, link to it so others can enjoy it as well 🙂 So this will be my Writer’s Block Writer’s Blog where I will let it all out without being bound to any guidelines other than WordPress’ rules, which I better obey. I don’t think that they will delete blogs like some other blog services that we know about 😉 But you can’t be too careful when you don’t own the url yourself. Regards, Mike Dammann