In order to establish a powerful online presence, you need brandability. It’s almost as important as quality of work. Quality of work gets you word of mouth advertising, big time. But how do you get started if you don’t have a foot in the door quite yet?


Branding is what gives you wings. When your name can carry your business, your advertising will no longer be an uphill battle. You’ll be able to move up from marketing to image-marketing. Very important step to take.

Here are the 2 things that are most important in the beginning. According to me that is. The 2 are:

A. Your Domain name.

B. Your Logo.


Your domain name will be what you are. Your name, your web address, what you do, something that is easy to remember. Choose wisely. Do you want to brand your own name? Or do you rather have something meaningless but catchy. I consider the choice so important, because with the right name, you can get new business from repeat visitors a couple of months, sometimes even years down the road. Don’t ever underestimate the power of your name. If you have a name in mind, ask yourself: do you feel natural and comfortable telling it to people?


I am not so much into keyword domain names unless they are easy to remember, such as

Otherwise, stand out. Sometimes even not so popular names are very powerful once branded right. Which leads us to


Your Logo 


The power of recognition, especially sub-conscious recognition is enourmous. When I go to forums, people know who I am because of my logo. When I hand out my business card on conventions, people recognize it, and it automatically installs a certain feeling within them. I’m no longer a new guy, I am the guy who said this then and stood up when …


People recall you. They have seen your logo on top of a post that they’ve hated or loved, and immediately they will associate you with the same thing that you’ve once written.


Ask yourself how your name corrolates to what you do. Then try to come up with a concept behind it.


Brand yourself, and you will go long ways. Not everyone owns a domain name like, so work a little bit on your image, and you will exceed their reputation and recognition 🙂


Mike Dammann