Or are they? Well, according to the stereotype they are, but let’s think positive. Here is some advice on how to deal with a lazy designers and get the most out of him.


Don’t praise something that you want changed.

One of the most tiring things for a designer is to get your work praised and then have to change it. When you praise something, say “This is great!” and then move on to other parts. Otherwise it will look like a neverending story and an uphill battle that your designer can’t win.



  1. Don’t nitpick until the very end. It’s not professional and it will waste a lot of time that could be spent on issues such as navigation and usability.
  2. Give him a chance to surprise you, don’t interject until needed
  3. Don’t get too excited, if it’s your first site and you’re enthusiastic, try to be as professional as possible. It’s a designer’s job to make you happy, but don’t expect him to share your excitement. It can be annoying 🙂
  4. Ask him about his opinion and listen to it. Be up front about what your goals are with the site, whether you want something to show people or just increase business as much as you can. Don’t pretend to know it all. Be result oriented and take suggestions.
  5. Don’t mention past bad experiences with designers. He didn’t do it. Don’t kill the vibe.
  6. Show examples of sites that you like and tell him what it is you like

Offer a bonus for fast work

Make a good price for the work and then suggest a bonus for getting things done quickly!

 Promise repeat business and referrals as well!