October 2005

I still have my other blog going, so let me just go ahead and send you to the section where I have listed My Favorite Directories. I would not waste too much time on directory submissions. Just look at the few good ones and submit your site there. Pick out the ones that are most likely going to give you guys targeted traffic right away. Another directory that I have been told was good, is bcentral.


Jakob Nielsen has now posted a page regarding Blog Design Mistakes. Some are fairly obvious though. I also need to add that over optimization can turn into a major visual turnoff.

I thought this was kind of funny Splog Spot

Check out this tool by Powerpipe. It’s very scientific and you need some patience, but at the end of the day, you will have a good variety of names to choose from. Many are empty vessel and brandable. Sure, this tool will not get you names like webdesign.com, but it might be something you’re comfortable building a business around. Here is an article on Domain Names

In order to create a great website, you have to sometimes put your personal opinions and feeling aside. A web site is going to perform if your average visitor finds it usable and gets lead into the sections where you want them to go. There are many websites out there that are pretty but don’t do too much. Web design is all about getting people to buy your products and services. Just like a convenience store is designed to generate as much revenue as possible for the store owners. When you want a site designed, make sure that it’s clean and easy to navigate. Don’t confuse the visitor with too much information in all the wrong places. Give them the option to find information, but don’t let it distract those that are already ready to buy.

It makes a major difference to have a professionally designed weblog. You can look at some of these Blog Design Samples and see for yourself. Read about our professional blog design and management plans and contact us to Hire us